2 days of Web confusion

2 days aftering opening a Web Fusion account and 3 calls later to technical support account I still can’t access the control panel of the new account or ftp into the server.

I’m not hopeful either that this will be sorted out today. Support claim it’s a known issue and is affecting other account holders which doesn’t ease the pain.

In the past I’ve settled with an American hosting company DiscountASP.NET who in terms of hosting features, support and cost are hard to beat. Downtime has been virtually non-existant. This experience doesn’t exactly convince me of British hosting.

Hopefully the account can get set-up correctly today though I’m not holding my breath.

One Response to “2 days of Web confusion”

  1. bwbNo Gravatar Says:

    Maybe if you get a chance later you could leave a review of your host? It really helps other people to see that info 🙂


    direct review link for discountasp at:


    direct review link for web fusion:

    btw might try for uk hosting

    thanks, Ben

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