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4NI appear to be now offering a sponsored link option. I’m not sure how they can justify this based on the already expensive cost to advertise on their site. I think it’s around £200 per year.

Must find out how much it is and post it.

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  1. MarcNo Gravatar Says:

    Cost to register on 4NI.CO.UK is £120.

    4NI.co.uk is the largest site of its kind in Northern Ireland (ABCe Oct 2006 324K unique visitors and 1.25M page impressions per month)


    Directory Listing
    Single category listing with address and contact details with hyperlink.
    Price £120 per annum
    Multiple category listing with embedded logo adjacent to company listing serving as a hyperlink, 1000 character search engine linked description fully enabling search facilities throughout the site.
    The description has a password and can be updated by the customer at any time, as often as required.
    Price £250 per annum
    Category Sponsorship will guarantee your business a Top Three Position* in that category. This ensures maximum visibility of your listing. The category sponsorship will include Sponsored Link Logo and text or bullet points to further highlight your companies profile.
    Price Position 1 = £500, Position 2 = £400, and Position 3 = £300 per annum
    * On a first come first served basis and subject to availability, company must also have Search Engine Optimised listing in that category in order to sponsor.
    Button Ad, 1 of 110 throughout the left and right hand sides of site, displayed 22 per page on 40 different sections comprising of 1000€™s of web pages.
    Rotated top to bottom and section to section.
    Depth x Width – 90pixels x 90pixels – 31.8mm x 31.8mm
    Price £240 per calendar month
    Banner Ad, displayed 2 per page, on 40 different sections comprising of 1000€™s of web pages. Rotated from top to bottom and section to section.
    Depth x Width – 60pixels x 468pixels – 21.2mm x 165.1mm
    Price £1000 per calendar month
    Animated Advert appearing on every page of the site, in the Top Left Hand Ear position. Depth x Width – 60pixels x 120pixels – 21.2mm x 42.4mm
    Price £3500 per calendar month
    News Sponsorship will give your company branding of our News Column, along with 200pixels x 200pixels advert within news stories.
    A text link advert will also appear within the daily newsfeed sent out from 4NI
    (18.5K subscribers).

    News Column advert dimensions
    Depth x Width – 60pixels x 120pixels €“ 21.2mm x 42.4mm.

    Inline Advert dimensions
    Depth x Width – 200pixels x 200pixels €“ 70.7mm x 70.7mm
    Price £900 per calendar month
    Minimum contract for revolving banner and button ads is 3 months.
    Prices for shorter contract periods available upon application.

  2. MichaelNo Gravatar Says:

    Hi Marc,

    Thanks for clearly up the costs involved.

    A couple of questions does that mean in order to sponsor a category it costs £550 just to be in the 3rd position – as you need a Search Optimised Listing of £250 and the Category Sponsorship cost of £300?

    And do you get 2 listings in that category?

  3. MarcNo Gravatar Says:

    In answer to your questions-

    You can link a Category 3 sponsor to a Directory Listing cost £420.

    Yes you would have 2 listings.

    A couple of questions for yourself.

    Do you really think £120 is expensive to register on a Northern Ireland site with 324,000 unique users every month ?

    What are the alternatives ? how much traffic do they have ? are they ABCe Audited ?

    As far as the category sponsors goes it tends to be people already successfully advertising on the site trying to maximise their exposure and gain even better results.

  4. simonNo Gravatar Says:

    There is a new Northern Ireland web directory http://www.nidirect.co.uk, which is free to list in.

    Thanks Simon

  5. MichaelNo Gravatar Says:


    Why don’t you tell us a little bit more about the site, yourselves,
    how you intend to promote it etc.


  6. Andrew MillarNo Gravatar Says:

    I’m wondering if anyone knows anything more about nidirect.co.uk? Is it run by nidrect.com
    My website has appeared on it (as far as I know without me asking) but with the wrong phone number listed.
    Also, my mobile number is listed for another company (ebrakes in Fermanagh) which I have no connection with!
    Other than a mail form on the site Simon seems to have no contact details.

    I run a web development business myself coincidentally

    Andrew Millar

  7. MichaelNo Gravatar Says:

    Hi Andrew,

    I’ve come across your site on a few occasions.

    Sorry not too sure how to get in contact with Simon, try the contact form on his site again.

    Good luck,

  8. david crawfordNo Gravatar Says:

    Checked out this site nidirect, bit of a waste of time really.

  9. JohnNo Gravatar Says:

    How does a listing on 4NI benefit your position on Google? and is it worth the costs involved.

  10. MichaelNo Gravatar Says:

    Hi John,

    Indirectly 4NI will send traffic to your website. If you search for anything
    on Google with a regional term such as Belfast or Norther Ireland as a suffix or prefix plus your keyword you’ll no doubt see 4NI ranking an awful lot of time.

    So if you can’t rank your own site, 4NI provides a piggyback to get your site up to the top of Google for some of your key terms.

    4NI is an old well established directory, plenty of unique content, with plenty of links both external and internal and alot of Google trust.
    The page titles tend to be unique, and the url’s are keyword rich.

    For instance have a look at this random URL http://www.4ni.co.uk/0x516x24_engineering-consultancy-and-design.htm, if you look at the very top left of your browser, you’ll see ‘Northern Ireland Engineering Consultancy and Design – (Engineering)’,
    and in the address bar the url is 4ni.co.uk/0x516x24_engineering-consultancy-and-design.htm. Both are keyword descriptive with varying importance but an indication that 4NI are aware of ranking pages.

    So some of these factors help 4NI rank very well.

    Is it worth it? You could install Google Analytics and set up Goal to track how many visitors you’ve been sent and work out the cost per conversion and if they converted.

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