Google Adwords Professional Exam

Just passed the Google Adwords Professional Exam with an 85% mark so I’m very happy.

I’d hoped to do slightly better than that but in mitigation I was absolutely shattered when I took the exam, and I took the exam on the spur of the moment a couple of weeks earlier than I had planned as I wanted to get it out of the way and move onto important client work.

I spent quite a bit of time reading all the material at the Learning Center and reading through posts of forums as well as managing my own account and one or two client campaigns.

Like every exam it’s pretty obvious that if you know your stuff then it should be a fairly straightforward though I did find it a big effort in terms of reading and studying the material on top of all the projects I have going on.

It cost $50 to take and lasted for 11/2 hours. One thing that disappointed me was that I didn’t get any feedback on the answers that I got wrong, though I did find out the areas that I was weakest in.

Hopefully in September I’ll become a Google Adwords Professional and it’ll all have been worth the effort.

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  1. paulNo Gravatar Says:

    congrats, so now I know who to ask questions when I have them !

  2. MichaelNo Gravatar Says:

    Cheers Paul,

    I’m always more than happy to help with any questions….
    Getting the exam is the easy part, getting profitable campaigns is slightly trickier.

  3. GavinNo Gravatar Says:

    Congratulations Michael. I’m sure it was not an easy one to achieve with having a work load.

  4. contactNo Gravatar Says:

    Thanks Gavin. It was a bit of an effort alright. As you know yourself all this is just never ending.

  5. BarryNo Gravatar Says:


    One thing I’ve noticed in doing this years version, was the amount of additional questions that have been added.

    The exam itself isn’t overly difficult if you’re managing an active account.

    Anyway, I got 82% in 2005 when it was a much simpler exam, and recently got 98%, the downside being that some of the questions were localised to UK (I’m Irish) and seemed slightly out of date compared to what I’ve seen in the real world.

  6. MichaelNo Gravatar Says:

    Cheers Barry.

    Seems like a long time ago since I did the exam. 98% is very impressive, I guess you know your stuff.

    Nothing beats managing real campaigns.

  7. Dan CristoNo Gravatar Says:

    So did you get certified in September? I’m guessing you didn’t hit the 90 day mark at the time?

  8. MichaelNo Gravatar Says:

    Yeap I did. Instead of getting clients I ran my own campaigns that brought more than enough work in without reaching the spend to keep me certified. Also gave me a bit more experience running campaigns and making them profitable rather than a client having to pick up the tab while I cut my teeth.

  9. Google Advertising ProfessionalNo Gravatar Says:

    Congrads Dude. I have passed out with 86% on Feb 15, 2008. Do you know when we have to take the exam again for renewal? Google say after 2 years where as prometric says after 1 Year.

  10. MichaelNo Gravatar Says:

    I think it’s 2 years

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