It’s a great time to be an SEO consultant in N.Ireland

I just read 6 reasons why ‘I’d hate to be an SEO’ by Gavin over at IrelandSEOMarketing and it got me thinking.

On the contrary I’d love to be a full time SEO consultant. I’ve spent the last eight years promoting websites and although certainly not an expert by any stretch of the imagination I do have a good deal of knowledge and an interest when it comes to ranking in Google. There are no great hidden secrets to becoming fairly proficient in SEO. Google sets out the guidelines for webmasters and like many things on the net there’s plenty of support out there from people who know better and are willing to share. If you’re willing to work incredibly hard (I’m writing this article at 5.00 am on a Monday morning before I start client work) and have a passion for what you do then the benefits definitely out do the negatives.

Making cleanly coded crawlable sites, that have been researched against their competition and analysed for their keywords, with good content and backlinks are the backbone basics to helping a website perform.

Dealing with clients is part and parcel of any job. Always set out the parameters and make sure the client has realistic expectations. Personally I would underplay what can be achieved rather than oversell it. If they want guarantees they can buy a link or banner ad.

In the North a lot of companies particularly web design companies offer SEO as a standard buzzword. Though if you do a bit of research it’s pretty easy to work out that there is very little real commitment to putting this into practice even for their own company websites. The market is ripe for a company in the North to lead the way. There’s also plenty of regional keyword pickings to be had.

If you can deliver then you can set your own professional price provided it’s within reason. Being an SEO consultant is well paid and if you get good clients and provide quality work then you’ll be worth your wait in gold.

The more successful campaigns you put together then the more word will spread and the more job offers you’ll get. It’s the same for the cowboys, the more disgruntled clients they have the more people will hopefully be aware to avoid them like the plague.

Every professional has client problems, pricing issues and competitors. Solely based on the lack of competition it’s a great time to be an SEO consultant in N.Ireland. The market is definitely growing with website owners becoming more and more aware of what search engine marketing is and how their site has been poorly promoted in the past.

4 Responses to “It’s a great time to be an SEO consultant in N.Ireland”

  1. 3rigenaNo Gravatar Says:

    Good observations Michael – Good results are not hard to obtain either, so the “proof” that clients need that you are savvy is not hard to induce…

    Also it is not hard to displace the pretenders on the serps if you choose to do-so, and cash in on this market..

    shall we be seeing you in the serp results for “seo Northern Ireland” Soon?



  2. MichaelNo Gravatar Says:

    Hi Niall,

    Ah you’re in the North then, whereabouts? I’ve seen some of your posts on Irishwebmasterforum and just assumed you where based in the South.

    I see you’re already on the first page for “seo Northern Ireland”, definitely a market I’m working on with the coding maybe having to take a back seat for the moment.


  3. DannyNo Gravatar Says:

    Some fantasic info good to see an Irish
    man on the way up.

    Good Luck


  4. MichaelNo Gravatar Says:

    Hi Danny,

    thanks for stopping by, hope some of the information on the site helps.


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