Google Adwords Request Features

I’ll add more to the list but here’s a couple of kick off with.

1. The ability to add annotations/comments. This is long overdue. Having to write notes in a Google Doc and refer back to these is time consuming.

2. I’d like to have the date picker that’s in Google Analytics, it makes it very easy to compare this year with last year’s performance. You can run comparisons in Google Adwords, though arguably they aren’t as easy to read/digest.

3. Ad scheduling at Ad level, so that I could create different ad text for different times of the day.

4. Being able to group select Broad Match Modifier keywords.

5. Being able to set different ads to display 10%, 20%, 50% of the time.

6. More flexibility & common sense with mobile ads, seems a nonsense to have to run a separate mobile ad campaign with the same keywords and decrease mobile settings by 100% in the original desktop/tablet campaign.

7. I’d like to be able to simply click a button and restore an account to a previous date, rollback functionality. I rarely use the undo changes feature, and backing up an account and restoring would be too time consuming everytime you made significant changes.

8. Being able to review and assess Quality Score for keywords over time.

9. I’d like to be able to get an email notification sent straightaway when the daily budget runs out, and not have to go through the current process of setting up rules to run at certain times to check if the cost has exceeded a certain amount.

10. I’d like to be able to see all the IP addresses in Adwords and what they get up to on the site.

Update August 2016

11. It’d be great to have coloured rows rather than all grey rows, which can sometimes be hard to distinguish, and can lead to mistakes if you’re writing the figures down.

rows in Google AdWords reporting

Have you got any?

3 Responses to “Google Adwords Request Features”

  1. Jordan McClementsNo Gravatar Says:

    I want negative keywords to be taken into account no matter how long the search term is.


    I have a negative keyword of


    and ads still show for the following search term –

    “google i want to sell it or use car to scrap merchant”

    apparently only the first 10 words in the search term are taken into account. It wouldn’t even be so bad if they took into account that “google” is obviously not a proper keyword..

    There is no technical reason why this needs to be the case. It’s just google being greedy as far as I can tell. (CPCs in this niche are pretty eye watering).

    Most of my other PPC wishes consist of Bing Ads getting to the point where they are half as good as Google!

  2. MichaelNo Gravatar Says:

    Good point Jordan, have you any figures on how many ppl search with 10 or more keywords? Surely it’s neglible.

  3. Jordan McClementsNo Gravatar Says:

    Put it this way – the inability to apply negatives to longer search terms for just *one* negative keyword has cost one client over £100 during the last 12 months…

    To answer the question about the percentage of search terms that are longer than 10 words, I almost crashed OpenOffice trying to find this out with over 32,000 search terms but after 10 minutes or so (I don’t know why it has to “adapt row height” every time you do anything) anyway…

    This will vary depending on what you are targeting I’m sure, but for info (last 12 months on this account):

    Average search term length = 5.15
    Longest search term length = 31
    Number of search terms longer than 10 words = 2.4%

    This amounts to a serious number of searches that you have very little control over, and you can’t even create an extensive exact match only keyword list because all of the exact match search terms would be “low search volume”.


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