Misrepresentation of your Adwords Services!

I recently received the following unwelcome and confusing email from the Google Adwords Policy team for 3rd Party Non Compliance.

My advice, don’t panic if you get the following email from the Google Adwords Policy team.

Here’s the gist of the emails:

We recently conducted a review of your website, codefixersoftware.com, and have concluded that it misrepresents your company’s relationship to Google by:

  • Having language on your website that incorrectly claims a Google third-party program status, such as Google Partner
  • Linking to a non-existent Google Partner profile page or a different company’s profile page
  • Displaying a third-party program badge that your company is not qualified to exhibit

Failure to reply and fix these issues by Apr. 7 may result in domain disabling, meaning that the website can no longer be advertised until the problem is fixed. Further inaction may warrant additional action including suspension of all AdWords accounts that advertise your site. Thank you for your cooperation.

WTF? I guessed the issue related to the Google Partner Badge I had on the website, though there’s a legit qualification for both the company and individual as being Google Adwords Certified. So having no idea what policy guideline I’d broken I sent a quick reply email asking them for advice.

Google’s next email was;

Thank you for your prompt response. Per our records, you have a partner profile but you have not attained, or recently lost, your Google Certified Partner status. Please review this page regarding the Google Partners Program certification.

Additionally, the Google Partner Certification is different from the Individual Certification. To learn more about these two AdWords certifications, please visit this page.

Still in the dark after quite a bit of digging around, a welcome 3rd email arrived.

Thank you for responding. We are sorry, it looks like we made a mistake. You are a Certified Partner so you do not have to take any action.

Panic over it was all a mistake! A couple of hours wasted, 4 days of uncertainty, but everything turned out OK. Episodes like this just make you more aware that you’re playing on someone’s pitch and they make the rules, step out of line and you’ll get slapped.

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