Over 30 ways to promote your NI Business

Here’s a few suggestions on how to market your business online. All these strategies might not suit your business but hopefully it’ll give you one or two ideas on how to strengthen your online profile and generate more business. Most of them should be fairly easy to understand.

1. If your business is a local business, then when people do a local search using regional terms why not benefit from a listing appearing at the top of Google. Promote your business on Google Local, it’s free!

2. Add your site to 4NI and make sure that you get the best out of a 4NI listing. Choose your copy carefully, add images, and make your listing as enticing as possible. Don’t just slap up a 4 line paragraph of untargeted terms. 4NI dominates the local search landscape and can drive quality traffic to your site. At £200 plus for a search optimised listing it’s certainly not cheap but worth while.

3. Make sure you site is Google friendly. If you want to promote your site on Google then consider hiring a web design company that understands the importance of on-site Search Engine Optimisation, either that or pay heavily later. If your site hasn’t been optimised for Google then get it redone.

4. Make use of Pay Per Click. Pay Per Click has it’s benefits and although it can be expensive it can provide a good return on your investment provided it’s done well. It can also work very well with a targeted SEO and Local Search campaign. 3 pieces of real estate on the front page of Google for your main keyword terms increases your company’s credibility and chances of a lead.

5. Include local regional keywords in your page title, keyword and content. One of the biggest mistakes or missed opportunities that I see time and time again is local business websites leaving out regional terms. If you don’t let Google know that your site is a local pizza restaurant in Belfast, then you’ll struggle to reach your online market.

6. Your website is your 24/7 online shop window. If the average lifespan of a business website is 4 to 5 years then judge your budget accordingly. A £500 website isn’t going to cut the mustard in most sectors. Invest in a great design, it’ll reflect positively on your company image.

7. Create the best content that you can. If you can’t write and have a large enough budget then hire a copywriter. Use the best images you can, offer the best advice you can. Creat the best product your can, offer the best support you can.

8. Besides 4NI, add your site to other local and niche directories that approve listings editorially. These still have value not just with Google but can also bring you targeted visitors.

One such up and coming directory is lookaly.com. Maybe I’ll write a bit more about some of the new local directories in an article I have in the pipeline about the next ‘4NI killer’. When adding a listing make sure to write unique and good descriptions about your company and it’s services, sell your business.

9. Search the top 100 or so listings for your primary keywords, if you can’t get listed in Google for your primary terms then get listed on the sites and directories that are listed. If you have to pay for a listing then so be it. Raise your profile on sites other than yours that you target market visit.

10. Contact the site owners of relevant sites, write a personal email with details of who you are and what you do. Why should they link back to your site, have you great content that their users can benefit from, what’s your angle? Don’t send automated emails to all and sundry.

11. Get links from other sites with keyword rich anchor text. For instance this is my ‘Belfast Web Design Company’ rather than ‘Click Here’. The text used in the first instance is more descriptive anchor text and a stronger indicator to a search engine about the relevancy of the web page.

12. Use video to promote your business. Even I’ve started using video for web marketing. Text works, but video can work even better, it helps raise your profile, personalises your site and connects with your audience. You might want to think about using video on your ‘about us’ page.

13. Use photographs, photographs are another way that help personalise your company. It helps people put a name to a face.

14. Take advantage of sites that let you build an online profile. Create a Linkedin account. At the moment Linkedin offers you the opportunity to have 3 follow links. If anyone wants to make a connection with me on linkedin then email me.

15. Start a testimonial strategy. Ask your clients for reviews. If you’ve offered a good service, product then why not ask your client for a review. Don’t just post them on your site, ask your clients to post them on sites such as Google. Google Local offers your clients the opportunity to post reviews so the more visibility the better. Make sure the reviews are credible and authentic.

16. Participate in forums related to your business. Contribute with valuable replies rather than just one or two lines replies. The more you offer the more you’ll benefit. It takes time but if you add value and become a respected member then the more business you’ll be able to drum up and the more referrals and bigger your network will be. You might even get links back to your site.

17. Use forum signatures, it’s free advertsing. There are plenty of online business forums, check out UKBusinessForums. It even has it’s own N.Ireland section.

18. Use classified sites such as Gumtree. Gumtree offers free business listings and is another great way to promote some businesses. Listings can rank highly in Google.

19. Start a blog. If you have time and enjoy writing create a blog, post news, events, how to’s, lists and advice. Create valuable content, just don’t post any old nonsense. Blogs are a great way to build up your authority in your niche, a way to get backlinks both to your blog and your main site. It also allows you to cast a wide net for search terms in Google that your target audience might use.

20. Blog comment. Contribute to blogs within your industry, build up friendships, add value blog posts, again not just one liners, create controversy, offer opinion, add to the debate.

21. Bookmark your site, make it easy for others to bookmark your site on social bookmarking sites such as delicious.com. If you have a blog then add a plugin such as socialable that makes it easier for your readers to bookmark.

22. Use RSS feeds if you can. WordPress and other blog formats have a built in RSS feed. People can subscribe to your feeds from one central location such as Google Reader rather than having to visit all the sites they subscribe to individually.

23. Network and build online relationships with people. Engage with others and you’ll get links, referrals, business insights and advice. I’ve certainly learnt a lot from the contributions of other’s within the Irish SEO community including Richard Hearne, Redfly Marketing and Paul.

24. Promote other businesses that you can vouch for and they’ll return the favour.

25. Link with businesses in your niche. Avoid useless and excessive reciprocal linking schemes but swap links with businesses than can benefit your users and that help you build up relationships and referrals from your sector. No need to go overboard and link with your competitors, but if you’re a wedding cake maker then why not link with a wedding videographer

26. Create and use a signature in your email.

27. Create an email marketing campaign. Collect the emails of all your clients, all those you have sold too and periodically send them an email with company updates, product updates, offers. Although I haven’t extensive use, Campaign monitor looks like a great email marketing system.

28. You might want to pick a hosting company that is within your target region. So if you’re targeting the UK, go for a UK hosting company, or a .co.uk domain. If you do go for a .com or .net then you can still set the regional settings to UK in Google Webmaster Tools.

29. Offer a competition, freebie, or free business advice. An excellent example of this recently was local wedding photographer Peter Thomas who ran a competition to win wedding photos and by all accounts there was a tremendous response. I’ve also tried this tactic in a number of different shapes and sizes including offering free membership software from a programming site that I run.

30. Monitor your online reputation, if someone posts a negative comment about you then reply, be polite and address the situation, don’t avoid it and just leave a negative comment that could come up when someone does a search for your company. Be proactive. There’ll always be negative comments, it’s not nice but it’s not the end of the world. Most people can see through negative comments if they don’t have any value and are just a personal attack or someone with nothing better to do.

31. If you’re really brave, then attend events, speak at events and you’ll get reference links back to your site.

Try some of these for starters, invest your time and money and you’ll reap the benefits.

21 Responses to “Over 30 ways to promote your NI Business”

  1. Lee MunroeNo Gravatar Says:

    Great list Michael. Will be pointing a lot of clients to this post.

    #19 Blogging is a great idea. Keeps your site up to date with fresh content and adds a lot of keywords and pages to your site that Google can find. You have to prepared to update it though and not leave it lying dormant.

    Nice to see Lookaly mentioned 🙂

  2. Andrew RossboroughNo Gravatar Says:

    Really useful article for business owners to read, Michael. Some very simple but effective marketing tips in here that everyone should consider.

  3. Dawn BairdNo Gravatar Says:

    This is a great post. Simple and easy to follow. I’m speaking on Marketing Your Tourism Business with Social Media this evening, and I shall definately be talking about most of this. Thanks.

  4. Paul McCormackNo Gravatar Says:

    Great post Michael, after spending 18 years as an employee in the business I’m now building up my own business as well as lecturing part-time at the UU.

    Building good strong relationships is very important especially somewhere as small as NI. I find that referrals from happy clients can be a really good way to build your profile, don’t be afraid to ask if they can recommend you to someone they know. I have also found that when some contacts have moved jobs they have brought the new company’s work to me too.

    I take Lee’s point on blogging and always have the best intentions of re-starting my own blog but never seem to have the time! Many of the blogs I see from designers tend to be aimed at the design industry and not necessarily the business world.

  5. Ciaran CushleyNo Gravatar Says:

    Excellent guide Michael.

    I agree about the power of Google Local Business Centre.

    By carefully categorising your business in the Google listing i.e. Web Design Belfast or Marketing Agency Northern Ireland – your site can be catapulted to the top of the local listings whilst you wait for your organic listing to play catch up!

    I will use this as my reference sheet from now on!

  6. Stephen BrownNo Gravatar Says:

    Brilliant comments and ideas and Michael! Well written and to the point! And I will certainly be using this as a reference sheet as well!!!

  7. Paul AnthonyNo Gravatar Says:

    Hi Michael, great roundup post, and for the plug! I’ll give this one a push where I can.

  8. MichaelNo Gravatar Says:

    Thanks guys for all your positive feedback.

    @Paul only too happy to give you a plug. Least I can do.

    @Lee, again only too happy to give Lookaly a mention as well. Looks like a great directory with a social spin. Best of luck with it, I’m sure it will be a great success.

    @Ciaran, local search is something that I’m really into and have seen it working very effectively for a few clients, best of all it’s free and quick.

    @Paul McCormack, personal referrals are hard to beat.

    @Dawn, looking forward to reading your presentation.

  9. Jordan McClementsNo Gravatar Says:

    I haven’t got time to do 21 of the above things!

    Good post though.

  10. JoanneNo Gravatar Says:

    Thanks so much for this, it has helped me so much. Especially No. 1 !! I knew nothing about this!

  11. Google set to introduce Local Listings Ads :: Google Adwords Northern Ireland – Pay Per Click Consultants Says:

    […] business advertisers another advertising opportunity to get listed on Google and another way to promote your business online. AKPC_IDS += "231,";Popularity: 4% [?] Comments(0) Search Engine Marketing […]

  12. RyanNo Gravatar Says:

    Great post,

    I’m very new to all things SEO and this post should help in giving me a better direction when trying to promote my company in Ireland.

  13. EpicNo Gravatar Says:

    Thanks, really comprehensive and well put together! Just one question to throw out there, Im considering listing on 4ni but on a tight budget. Is it worth it?

  14. MichaelNo Gravatar Says:


    4NI can work very well for some markets, for other markets that aren’t local pay per click might be something that you could consider.

    I’d give the guys at 4NI a ring and ask them how other sites in your market perform.

  15. EpicNo Gravatar Says:

    Cheers Michael, I’ve had a call from one the the sales team, and an email with a few testimonials that I was mulling over. Wil give them a call this week to ask that question!


  16. virtual numbers - mydivertNo Gravatar Says:

    brilliant ideas Michael it has helped me so much

  17. AndrewNo Gravatar Says:

    Great list. It’s amazing how much of it is still relevant 5 years on. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  18. PhilipNo Gravatar Says:

    Nice list Michael, just found it.
    It seems not much has changed really in 6 years, great content, relevant back links and hard work still work today.
    Thank you.

  19. MichaelNo Gravatar Says:

    Agreed Philip, thanks for your comment. I’m thinking of updating this for 2016 with a few bits and bobs.

  20. George PennockNo Gravatar Says:

    Great article. I’m spending more time on SEO and updating my website with blogs than I am actually focusing on my real line of work it seems. The more I think I know about SEO the further I get lost down the rabbit hole!

  21. Thomas BlakeNo Gravatar Says:

    This information is still so vitally relevant have shared this article on my social media.

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