Claim back a Hijacked Google Maps Listing

I noticed that when I searched on Google for keyword terms related to a client’s website, the ‘10 pack’ results that appear when Google believes it’s a ‘local search’ were correctly showing the client’s website. When I did a few more searches on other relevant terms it would show the client’s name (spelt slightly differently with a spacing in the company title) with the same address but different telephone numbers, and a different website address.

Obviously I wanted to claim the hijacked listing back though usually I got the option to claim a listing back when I initially add the site and couldn’t figure out how to claim this one back. So with a little tip from Shaun Anderson from Scottish SEO company Hobo, these are the steps I followed.

1. I logged into my client’s Google Local Business account.
2. I clicked the ‘add button’ to add a new business.
3. I entered the exact details, the exact company title, address, telephone numbers and website that the hijacked listing had used.
4. I received a message ‘are you already on Google Maps? The listing you entered closely matches the following listings already on Google Maps. If you are referring to one of these listings, please click on the ‘Claim Listing’ button next to it.’

So that’s exactly what I did, I clicked on the bogus listing.

Business already on Google Maps

5. I received a message to ‘edit’ the listing or ‘suspend this listing’. I clicked on ‘suspend this listing’.

Edit or suspend this listing on Google Maps

6. I selected one of the options to validate this request and send a postcard to the client’s address. Once I get the pin number from the client I’ll be able to enter it and delete the listing.

Hopefully that’s the problem solved.

3 Responses to “Claim back a Hijacked Google Maps Listing”

  1. HoboNo Gravatar Says:

    Let me know how you get on if this doesn’t solve it. There are other ways too, but glad to have helped out a little 🙂


  2. MichaelNo Gravatar Says:

    I’ll keep you posted, thanks again.

  3. CallumNo Gravatar Says:

    thanks, that’s a great tutorial! they don’t explain this in the help section over at google!

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