Get a New Website Indexed Quickly

How to Get a New Website Indexed Very Quickly With Google Webmaster Tools

This took Google about 2 or so hours to index 40 or so pages for a small business website.

Once the site is built, make sure you have a Google Account.

Sign into your Account, look for Google Webmaster Tools.


If you haven’t done so already verify your site. Once your site is verified go into Google Webmaster Tools, then select the site, then from the left hand side navigation:

1. Select ‘Health’ tab
2. ‘Fetch as GoogleBot’
3. Click the ‘Fetch’ Button
4. Select the radio button ‘URL and all linked pages’
5. Click OK


All being well, the Fetch Status message should now show ‘Success’. Just sit back and wait while the site gets crawled and indexed.

The site I just submitted took 2 hours for the pages to get indexed in Google. To test whether the pages are indexed, I simply used the site operator, all you have to do is search for (replace obviously with your site) to see what pages are indexed.

That’s it. Simple.

Hear what Matt Cutts has to same on the Fetch Tool

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  1. Marie ElwoodNo Gravatar Says:

    What I like about your post, Michael, is that it highlights good, clean, practical web strategy. You can try to stuff your keywords into a domain name or buy aged and expired domains to try to rank faster- – or you can just dive into Webmaster Tools, let google do its thing, and start building content. Cheers!

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