Google Can I have my Content Back?

Check out this screenshot below, not sure I’d like Google scraping content from my sites and displaying the content as their own.

google scraping content

Couldn’t we have a meta element NO SCRAPING content!?

There’s a feedback button at the bottom, to allow you to add your disapproval.

[update] Here’s another one I found ‘how to delete a tweet’


One Response to “Google Can I have my Content Back?”

  1. Jordan McClementsNo Gravatar Says:

    They know they can get away with it as far as most smaller sites are concerned.

    It’s the same with scraping images and using them as if they own them for their image search.

    But when they tried doing this with bigger companies who can afford to take them to court and win (like displaying Trip Advisor reviews as if Google owned them) they soon had to change how they did things.

    They are walking a very tight line in biting the hand that feeds them. One day, the greedy board of directors will push it too far, and people will start withholding their content completely from Google, and then they will be well and truly screwed.

    PS. It also seems that Bing (who are nearly as bad as Google) can’t get away with this type of thing easily when there is another big company involved-

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