Google shows Keyword Search Numbers

Interesting that if you now go to Google’s keyword suggestion tool and enter your keywords Google is showing the search term volume.

I just ran a test on a few keywords that I target and the screenshot below shows the search volume next to the term.

Google Adwords Suggestion Tool now shows search volumes
Google keyword suggestion tool is a great free SEO tool and this might just make it even better. I wonder what effect it will also have on other keyword suggestion tools.

2 Responses to “Google shows Keyword Search Numbers”

  1. James FNo Gravatar Says:

    Yea it’s great they started doing this. I wonder how accurate the numbers are though as they are definitely not exact.

    I’ve noticed lots of the them having the exact same frequency, which makes me think they’ve just taken the numbers based on the bar that was there before…

    I’m sure it’a accuate enought to have some idea anyway…

    Google does seem to be moving towards providing more information and resources to designers and marketers, which has to be a good thing…

  2. MichaelNo Gravatar Says:

    Credit to Google for releasing these figures.

    From my own experience I think this can be very useful for quick comparisons.

    The data is always going to be skewed though.

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