Have LinkWheels Finally Had Their Day

Has Google wiped out linkwheels?

In the last couple of weeks I’ve noticed a couple of different sites in separate competitive UK markets absolutely tank. One site has dropped down 7 pages for it’s main keyword term and the other almost 10.

Those are quite big drops considering both sites were on the 1st page and have been fairly solid for 1-2 year plus.

Both of the link profiles of these sites relied heavily on web 2.0 properties, wikis, spun 1 page sites, and were interlinked in classic link wheel style.

At the same time both the sites have tanked. Coincidence??

2 Responses to “Have LinkWheels Finally Had Their Day”

  1. Jordan McClementsNo Gravatar Says:

    Was creating big link wheels considered grey or black hat?

  2. MichaelNo Gravatar Says:

    Jordan, you’ll have to ask Google for a definitive answer but they were/are definitely against Google’s terms and conditions. As a long term strategy I wouldn’t recommend 1 page web 2.0 link wheels. I’ve also seen a number of the accounts closed down on them. The 2 examples that i mentioned above had relied on them and their rankings have now disappeared.

    Kieran Flanagan has a decent post on them http://www.searchbrat.com/link-wheel-the-comprehensive-guide/

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