How to Fix Duplicate Listings in Places

Google Places has all sorts of problems, and recently I’ve had a couple of clients that have had duplicate Google Places listings.

For the 1st client the issues seems to have been resolved within a 2-3 month period. So here’s the steps that I followed and will follow to see if I can get the second client’s Google Places listing issue resolved and note how long it takes.

(Below is a Screenshot of 2 listings for the same business, the 2nd listing which is the incorrect listing also has the reviews attached to it.)

duplicate listing google places

Here’s the advice that Google gives:

1. Log into your Account
2. Click on Help
3. You’ll See ‘Fix a Problem’
4. Select Editing, Transfering and removing listings
5. Then select ‘Duplicate business listings’

You can view what Google has to say on Duplicate listings and which one fits your dilemma:

Make sure you’ve only 1 claimed listing in your Business Listings.

Google Places Business Listings

6. In my client’s case it’s scenario 1 and ‘multiple results for your business’.
7. Follow the 3 steps, which involves finding the incorrect Google Places listing, selecting ‘The Report a Problem’ or ‘Correct Details’ link and going through the wizard.

Google Places Report a Problem link

Here’s an edited version of what I wrote to Google:

Hello, I’m reporting an issue on behalf of my client Peter Thomas Photography.

There are duplicate listings for Peter Thomas Photography on Google Places/Maps. You can see this if you type in ‘Peter Thomas Photography Carrickfergus’.

This issue may have arisen as the business address changed.

The correct listing is

And the incorrect one is the listing for Carrickfergus which is ……….

The incorrect listing is also showing the reviews that should be on the correct listing’s page.

I hope you can resolve this as soon as possible thanks.

Now, it’s just a matter of sitting back and waiting.

(Updated 7th May 2012 – The listings now appear to have merged, only problem is that the reviews that were associated with the old listing aren’t appearing for the updated listing – have report this and will see how long it takes)

(Update 27th May 2012 – The reviews are now showing for the new listing and all looks good)

3 Responses to “How to Fix Duplicate Listings in Places”

  1. Barry ConnollyNo Gravatar Says:

    Hi Michael

    Google Places really bugs me in general. I got a client high up in Google for ‘driving lessons belfast’ and was also listed second or third in Google Places. Now there are only 3 places A,B and C instead of the normal 6 or 7 and they’ve been knocked off by someone at the bottom of the page who have applied little to no SEO….very frustrating.

  2. MichaelNo Gravatar Says:

    Hi Barry,

    Google Places seems to be very random and depending on the market/keywords, Google will display anything from no results for web design, to up to 7 listings on the page. No doubt Google are testing this as well.

    Sometimes Google Places & Google Organic listings will merge into 1 consolidated listing. Having just run a search on your keywords, I can see that 1 of your competitors has a top organic, and a top Google places listing.

    If your budget allows you keep on working on the organic listings & hopefully I’ll get a chance in the next week to write a 10 minute guide on how to improve your Google Places rankings.

    PS I’m sure you’re happy this morning, Spurs doing their best to throw it all away!

  3. Barry ConnollyNo Gravatar Says:

    The work was already completed a few months back, it’s just unfortunate that Google has decided to knock them out of Places even though they’re second naturally. Will keep an eye out for your guide.

    Ha ha fair play to Norwich, what a goal!!!

    Harry for England 🙂

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