The Business Benefits of SEO

There’s no secret, it’s obvious and it has been for so many years. Online marketing and Search Engine Optimisation is big business and it can only get bigger and bigger. So if your company’s website is lagging down the rankings or nowhere to be seen in Google, isn’t it about time you got your slice of the pie?

The business benefits of running a successful SEO campaign are there for all to see. Just ask yourself how much you spend online, where you, your family and friends find and research services, companies and products. Your searching habits are more than likely the same as everyone else’s.

If you’re not high up the rankings for keywords associated with your business then it’ll be one of your competitors that win the business.

Unfortunately simply having a website hasn’t and won’t be enough to guarantee online success. There are millions of websites that look great but don’t bring any return. They just sit pretty and in some cases clutter up the Internet.

SEO is a long-term strategy that your business needs to invest in. It can be a cost effective and measurable strategy, and the good news is that it works for small to medium sized companies just as well for the big boys.

One strand of SEO in particular is concerned with best practice web development. It shouldn’t be an afterthought, you should make sure that you get the site’s structure correct at the planning stage otherwise some drastic measures such as a complete redesign might be required.

So what are the business benefits?

  • You can attract highly targeted traffic to particular pages on your site. Every service or product page that you offer can be the page that the searcher arrives at, making your site as wide a net as possible to catch potential customers with.
  • Every keyword related to your business gives you an opportunity to bring traffic to your site.
  • More visibility and a higher profile, coupled with an attractive functional website should bring you more inquiries, more sales and more business.
  • Promote and reinforce your brand, the higher up the rankings the more perceived value and credibility your site and company will have.
  • Receive an excellent cost effective long term Return on Investment from 24/7 online promotion.
  • In many markets and many regions smaller companies can still compete online with bigger companies and out punch their weight.
  • Allow customers to easily find you. I had one client recently who’s own name didn’t even bring up their site when you searched on Google.
  • Target the local market or international market. Sell anywhere and everywhere around the world.
  • Track, monitor and improve your website. Your website analytics is a goldmine of information and can tell you so much about your business and your products.
  • There’s no doubt that more and more people rely on search engines as opposed to offline directories such as the Yellow Pages. In some sectors this is dramatic.

To make an online success of your business search engine optimisation is one of the most successful online marketing strategies that you can use, it’s not the only one by any means and it shouldn’t be used in isolation. Pay Per Click advertising can compliment it very nicely.

SEO is an investment that many businesses should seriously consider. Offer a good service, product or advice, get it in front of your targeted market and you’ll reap the benefits. A well designed, structured website, with some age and with only a few links from other sites around your niche is sometimes enough to help your site rank well. It can be a very lucrative business, done right of course.

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